TMTA World of Music Test

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TMTA World of Music Test
Ginny Godsey, chair

Test date:                                            March 28, 2015
Location:                                             Home/studio of Ginny Godsey
6511 Pecan Acres Drive
San Antonio, TX 78240
Entry deadline:                                   February 14, 2015
Fee:                                                     $7.50

Entry forms are available on the SAMTA website or from the chair.

1.         Any Student Affiliate member, grades 1-12 may participate.  No student may take a test for state grading at a level above his school grade.
2.         There are no theory requirements for participants, nor is participation in the World of Music Program a prerequisite for participation in any other SA activity.

1.         Tests
a.         Tests for grades 1-3 will be based on World of Music by Carolyn Jones Campbell and illustrated  by William L. Gillock.
b.         Tests for grades 4-12 will be based on The World of Music, A Music History Syllabus by Elinor L. Duff (copyright 1979, 1980 and 1981 by Texas Music Teachers Association).
2.         Study Materials
Primary level (3 books)
First Grade Workbook
Second Grade Workbook
Third Grade Workbook
Level I (3 books)
IA (Grade 4):  Story Music
IB (Grade 5):  Composers of the 20th Century (Copland, Menotti & Gillock)
IC (Grade 6):  Clementi, Gershwin & The History of Music
Level II (3 books)
IIA (Grade 7):  Bach and Mozart
IIB (Grade 8):  Schumann and Bartok
IIC (Grade 9):  Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Eras
Level III (3 books)
IIIA (Grade 10):  The Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary Eras in Europe and America; Impressionism
IIIB (Grade 11):  Beethoven and Chopin
IIIC (Grade 12):  Form and Style; Brahms; Two 20th Century American Composers
3.         Syllabi and sample tests are available from the TMTA office.

Send entry form and one check for all of your students to
Ginny Godsey
6511 Pecan Acres
San Antonio, TX 78240

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