TMTA Publication Contest

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Dorothy Yan

Entry Deadline:           December 15, 2014 (postmark)

Entry fee:                $12.00
Application available on SAMTA website


  1. This Student Affiliate activity is for grades 1-Post 12.
  2. There is no theory requirement for this competition.
  3. Any number of articles may be submitted.  Teachers entering more than one student are urged to have students write on different topics, if possible.
  4. The topics are purposefully broad to allow the student journalist freedom of perspective.
  5. The list of topics is available on the SAMTA website at
  6. The articles should be written so that others of the same age will be able to read them.

Submittal of essays

  1. All articles should be submitted to the local chairperson postmarked no later than December 15, 2014.
  2. Each student should keep his original article or a copy, since winning articles become a part of the permanent SA collection.
  3. All essays should be typed (by student, parent, teacher, etc.), single-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point type for ease of judging.
  4. All essays should include a bibliography and discography, citing the sources of information used in the paper.
  5. Students should take care to avoid plagiarism by rephrasing information from their sources.  Quotations are acceptable, but should be short and clearly cited as to author and source.
  6. Student’s name should not appear on the essay itself, nor should a cover sheet be used.  The essay should not be in a folder of any kind.
  7. Stay within the minimum/maximum word guidelines, and there should be no illustrations or borders.
  8. Each article must be accompanied by the entry form found on the SAMTA website at or from the chair.
  9. Also send a signed photo release form available on the SAMTA website or from the chair.
  10. Each article must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee.  All divisions are $12.00.  Please send all entry fees in a single check, made out to SAMTA-SA.


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