TMTA Student Affiliate

Student Affiliate is a TMTA program which provides opportunities and incentives to students at all levels of musical development.

CHAIR: Libby Castillo

PRICE: $12

Students who participate in Student Affiliate activities for a number of years may be eligible for awards from TMTA. Visit the TMTA website at or consult your TMTA Handbook for more information.

Registration, Dues and Deadlines

Before enrolling students, please make sure your MTNA dues are current PRIOR to October 1st.


  1. Sign in on A blue sign-in button is available on the upper right hand corner of the site.
  2. Once you sign in, the list of your students will appear.
  3. Click the edit button next to the student’s name.
  4. Choose the current grade level for the student.
  5. Select “Student is Homeschooled,” if applicable.
  6. Students participating in TMTA events throughout the year (such as Ensemble, Composition, Publication, Performance, etc.) need to include parent’s name, e-mail, address, and phone number.
  7. Students who participate only in the Theory or World of Music Test do not need further contact information.
  8. Teachers will be able to add new students who are not transfer students in their teacher profile along with applicable information such as address, parent’s name, etc. Click on Save Student when done editing or adding.
  9. Teachers must inform the Local SA chair of any students who have transferred from another TMTA teacher. Do NOT enter transfer students as new students. The Local SA Chair will transfer the student to the new teacher’s list. Type “transfer” in the notes section of the transfer student.
  10. Type in the words “student affiliate” in the notes section for each student you want enrolled in student affiliate.
  11. If the student is a transfer student, type in the words “transfer from…” and then the words “student affiliate.”
  12. If a student is not longer in your studio, type in the notes section “no longer my student” or “withdrew from studio”.
  13. Add your new students to your profile by clicking on the “add” button.
  14. Students may remain in your profile and not be student affiliate. Simply leave their notes section blank.Students may be entered in the member profile and not registered Student Affiliate members.**Accurate name spelling and current school grade level are very important!**

Students enrolled as TMTA Student Affiliates may participate in any of the activities listed here:

  • Local Performance Contest
  • Original Composition
  • Publication Contest
  • TMTA Theory Tests
  • World of Music Test

Dues & Deadlines

  • The dues for each student registering will be $12.00 through January 14.  After January 15 (postmark on check and student list mailing), the fee will increase to $20.00 per student. It is important that teachers enroll students in Student Affiliate BEFORE enrolling them in any Student Affiliate Activity. Therefore, a $15.00 processing fee per student will be assessed to the teacher in addition to the enrollment fee if a student participates in an event PRIOR to SA enrollment.

  • Write a check for your total student amount ($12.00 per student, or $20 after January 15 postmark) to “SAMTA.” Mail this check and a hardcopy list that includes first and last names of students to be enrolled, student grade levels, and teacher email and/or phone number to:

    Libby Castillo
    15106 Mineral Spring
    San Antonio, TX 78247

  • Payments must be postmarked by the 21th of September and on the 20th of every month, October-July. If you have updated your student list on the TMTA website and mailed a check (postmarked by the 20th of any given month), your students should be enrolled by the 1st of the following month.
  • Student Enrollment must be postmarked at least three weeks prior to the student being registered for the applicable event. It is each teacher’s responsibility to know when the deadlines are for each Student Affiliate activity. The big deadlines are the Theory Test each Fall and Spring. All deadlines are noted in the SAMTA yearbook.