SAMTA Winter Festival

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Sponsored by Rolling Oaks Mall and Steinway Piano Gallery

Heather Stagg, chair

There are two sections to this event and students may enter one or both sections.

T-Shirt Design Contest
The winning design will appear on the official T-Shirt & receive a $25.00 check.
Performance at Rolling Oaks Mall
Each participating student will receive a T-Shirt.


Winter Festival T-shirt Design Contest
Entry Deadline:                                     October 24, 2014
Eligibility:                                              Open only to students K-12

Design rules

  • Student artwork must have a white background and employ no more than 3 other colors
  • Dimension of the artwork must not exceed 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
  • The artwork must not bear the name of the student.

Entry process

  • Attach the Individual Student Entry Form to the student’s artwork with a paper clip.
  • Send entries in a 9” by 13” or larger envelope via first class mail postmarked by the deadline to:

Heather Stagg, 10924 Vance Jackson, Ste. 401, San Antonio, TX 78230

The winner will be announced in the November issue of the Ritornello, and the design will appear on the official t-shirt and the student will receive a $25.00 check.

Parents may not submit entry forms or contact the chairperson directly and the decision of the chairperson is final.

All deadlines are postmark dates.

If a family of a student winning the design contest wants additional t-shirts, this must be notated on the entry form. SAMTA makes only one order for t-shirts and this order cannot be modified.

SAMTA is unable to return any artwork to the students.


Winter Festival Performance
Date                                                     Saturday, December 13, 2014
Location                                               Rolling Oaks Mall
Entry fee                                               $15 per student
Entry Deadline                                      October 24, 2014
Eligibility                                               Open to students of all ages (incl. adult students)


Performance Guidelines

  • Each studio has a total performance time limit of 2 hours, regardless of the number of students entered. This is a maximum amount of time allowed and not a required time commitment.  
  • If a teacher cannot use the entire time slot assigned to their studio, they should notify the chairperson so that schedule adjustments can be made. Teachers should not give away their assigned time to other colleagues without first discussing scheduling with the chairperson. 
  • Only students who have registered for this event are eligible to perform. Students who did not meet the registration deadline will not be allowed to perform.
  • Instruments allowed: (a) All solo instruments. (b) Ensembles.

All instrumental ensembles are welcome as long as each individual instrument does not exceed 50 pounds.  Risers will not be available for choral ensembles.
**Please keep in mind that electrical outlets will not be available.**

  • Teachers must be present at least 10 minutes before their studio’s performance time and during the entire performance.  Please strictly adhere to the time slot assigned.

Entry process

  • Online enrollment will be available on the SAMTA website.  Each performer, excluding the teacher, counts as one student.
  • Print out a copy of your online enrollment and send it, along with one check (made payable to SAMTA) postmarked on or before the deadline to:

Heather Stagg, 10924 Vance Jackson, Ste. 401, San Antonio, TX 78230.

  • Performance programs are welcome but not mandatory.  These programs should serve as a keepsake for your students, their family, and friends.  Please, no logos, sponsors or advertisers.  Programs may not be sold.
  • Confirmation of performance time and location will be sent to teachers no later than three weeks prior to the event.


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