Dearest Friends,

Welcome to another exciting school year! I am not sure where the summer went, but it definitely flew by too fast!

My life seems to have come full circle this year. I grew up participating in TMTA and local association activities. When I became a teacher, I joined SAMTA with the purpose of providing the same opportunities for my students. It was important for me to be an active member and to serve our association in any capacity possible. I have served as a chairperson or board member for a variety of our positions. These past experiences, I believe, have prepared me for this new chapter. I am completely honored and humbled by the support of my colleagues and friends to have been elected as the next SAMTA President. My goal is that we continue to work together to create an amazing future for SAMTA.

I would like to take a moment to thank a few members for their service this past year. First, Dustin Stephens served as SAMTA Historian and managed the website. He did an excellent job and was always so quick to make updates! Heather Stagg served as chairperson for Winter Festival for many years. We all know that Heather has a special gift for running events flawlessly. Heather, I don’t know how you do it, but you are so very much appreciated!

Where there are chapters ending, there are also new beginnings. Geraldine Ong will begin her service as our Historian and will also help maintain the website. Ellen Pavliska will chair the Winter Festival. Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to serve SAMTA. I know you will do an amazing job!! Leadership can be defined as a process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a greater good.

Leadership is something that usually comes with experience, yet some are natural born leaders. They understand how to empower and inspire others. Dorothy Yan is the perfect example of someone who has an innate ability to lead. From the moment I met Dorothy, I knew that she was going to make a huge impact in our musical world. In her four years as SAMTA President, she has inspired so many to take the time to serve and become leaders in our community. Dorothy, thank you so much for your dedication to SAMTA as President these last four years. It is because of your vision and leadership that I feel confident in continuing what you have started.

I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside the entire board as we continue to make SAMTA the best association in the state. It is my hope that SAMTA will one day be named Best of State by TMTA! Let’s work together to make this happen. I hope to see your beautiful faces at the meetings this year! Best wishes to you all!!



Toni Salmons
President, San Antonio Music Teachers Association