SAMTA Music Education Fund

The San Antonio Music Teachers Association established a music scholarship through the San Antonio Area Foundation in December of 1988.  This marked a significant step in our organization’s history.  The first scholarship was awarded in April of 1990.

CHAIR: Dr. Kasandra Keeling


The primary purpose of the Fund is to provide for an annual music scholarship; the secondary purpose is to provide funding for any other music educational activity that would further knowledge and strengthen education for student and teacher members of SAMTA.

Selection Committee

An Advisory Committee, comprised of seven SAMTA members, selects a recipient during the month of March and sends their recommendation to the Distribution Committee for the San Antonio Area Foundation.

Criteria For Scholarship Recipients

The Advisory Committee selects a high school senior who will be majoring in any music discipline at a college, university or conservatory of their choice.  The music teacher representing the student must be his/her primary instrument instructor and a current SAMTA member. The student must have been a pupil of this SAMTA teacher for at least his/her entire senior year of high school.  The student exemplifies, but is not necessarily limited to, the following characteristics:

  1. Outstanding musical ability
  2. Academic excellence
  3. SAMTA involvement
  4. Citizenship, leadership and community involvement

Financial need shall not be a factor in the selection of scholarship recipients.

Application for Scholarship

Application forms are on the SAMTA Website.  The applicant must fill out the application form and include a CD of his/her performance, on his/her primary instrument, of two solo pieces from contrasting style periods.  Please include a first page photocopy of the pieces performed.  Concerto movements are not permitted.  Information requested on the application form will not be returned to the applicants.  Photocopies of programs and other information are acceptable.  Instrumentalists and vocalists should, if applicable, include accompaniments.

SAMTA Music Education Fund Scholarship Form

Deadline For Submitting Applications

The deadline for submitting the Application Form and CD is March 8. 
Applications must be submitted by the teacher.