Janice Kay Hodges Contemporary Piano Competition

“Made in the USA”

Presented by The University of Texas at San Antonio & The San Antonio Music Teachers Association

Date: Saturday, February 1, 2020

Deadline: January 5th, 2020

JKH 2020 Flyer  – Click here to download PDF


First, second, and third place winners from grades 4 through 12 in Competitive Division will receive trophies. Awards will be announced at the conclusion of each division competition. Students in the Festival Division will receive an evaluation rating and ribbon. All students will receive written critiques of their performance. Students in all divisions are eligible for consideration to return as featured performers on one of the UTSA New Music Festival concerts in March.


Competitive Division: Any piano student from grades four through twelve who is a Texas resident or studies with a Texas-resident teacher.

Festival Division: Any piano student (no age minimum; intended for those younger than 4th grade) who is a Texas resident or studies with a Texas-resident teacher.

Teachers are not required to be a member of a music teachers’ organization to enter students.

Entry Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of $30.00 (Competitive Division) or $20.00 (Festival Division) is required for each student. Online applications and payment will be accepted through the San Antonio Music Teachers Association website: www.samusicteachers.org until January 5, 2020. The number of entries per teacher is unlimited. Only applications that include payment will be considered complete. Students will incomplete applications will not be permitted to perform on the day of the competition.

General Rules

  • Students in Competitive Divisions are allowed to compete only at their school grade level.
  • Repertoire must be selected from the list provided and must be performed from memory.
  • Each contestant must provide the judges an original copy of the music with measures numbered.
  • Judges will not accept photocopied music.

Please note that the 2020 repertoire list contains 3 or 4 choices of works for each grade level. Students will select only one complete option. Where two or more compositions are listed within an option, the works may be performed in any order. Letter A are pieces selected for the 2018 competition (Dancing at the Piano) and Letter B pieces are from the 2019 competition (All Creatures Great and Small). Letter C pieces (Made in the USA) are new for 2020. Suggested editions are indicated, but are not required. Digital downloads from publishers are acceptable. Public domain downloaded scores, such as those from imslp.org, are not acceptable.

Grade 4:
  1. Henry Cowell, The Irishman Dances (Carl Fischer)
  2. Seymour Bernstein, No. 5 “The Roadrunner” & No. 8 “The Guinea Pig” from Birds 2 (Manduca)*
  3. Norman Dello Joio, No. 7 “Bagatelle” and No. 9 “Small Fry” from Suite for the Young (Marks)
Grade 5:
  1. Seymour Bernstein, “Farewell Waltz” from Moodscapes (Manduca)*
  2. Lowell Liebermann, “Funeral for a Pet Rat” from Album for the Young (Presser)
  3. Paul Bowles, No. 7 “Kentucky Moonshine” from Folk Preludes (Presser)
Grade 6:
  1. Octavio Pinto, “Ring Around the Rosy” from Scenas Infantis (Schirmer)
  2. Emma Lou Diemer, “Monkey Dance” from Joy of Modern Recital Repertory (Yorktown)
  3. Robert Muczynski, No. 5 and No. 9 from Diversions (Schirmer)
Grade 7:
  1. Norman Dello Joio, No. 6 “Russian Dancer” from Lyric Pieces for the Young (Marks)
  2. Serge Prokofiev, “March of the Grasshoppers” from Music for Children (Schirmer)
  3. Ned Rorem, No. 8 “Trick” from A Quiet Afternoon (Peermusic)
Grade 8:
  1. Dmitri Shostakovich, Op. 5, No. 1 from Three Fantastic Dances (Schirmer)
  2. Bohuslav Martinu, “The Chicken” from Fables (Bajky) (Boosey)
  3. William Schumann, “Dynamic” from Three Piano Moods (Presser)
Grade 9:
  1. Francis Poulenc, No. 12 “Hommage á Schubert” from 15 Improvisations (Salabert)
  2. Robert Muczynski, “Morning Promenade” & “Birds” from Summer Journal (Schirmer)
  3. Aaron Copland, “Jazzy” from Three Piano Moods (Boosey)
Grade 10:
  1. Bela Bartok, No. 3 “Topogó (In One Spot)” & No. 6 “Maruntel (Quick Dance)” from Romanian Folk Dances, Sz 56 (Alfred)
  2. William Bolcom, No. 6 “Preparing for a Long Flight” & No. 5 “Quasi all Marcia” from Bird Spirits (Marks)
  3. Wallingford Riegger, Toccata (Boosey)
Grade 11 & 12 (beginning in the 2019 competition, these two levels will be combined into one division):
  1. Paul Hindemith, No. 5 “Dolce” from Dance Pieces, op. 19 (Schott)
  2. Samuel Barber, No. 1 “Un poco allegro (in a boogie-woogie style)” from Four Excursions, Op. 20 (Schirmer)
  3. Cyril Scott, “Dance of the Elephants” from Impressions from “The Jungle Book” (Music Masters)
  4. Kent Kennan, No. 3 “Allegro con fuoco” from Three Preludes (Schirmer)

Repertoire for Festival Division

Contestants are to choose only one complete option (A, B, or C) for this division

A. Soulima Stravinsky, “Tag” from Piano Music for Children (Peters)
B. Elie Siegmeister, “Street Games” from American Kaleidoscope (Alfred)
C. Seymour Bernstein, No. 11 “A Kiss for Belinda” from Belinda the Chipmunk (Manduca)