Janice Kay Hodges Contemporary Piano Competition

All Creatures Great and Small

Date: Saturday, February 2, 2019

Presented by The University of Texas at San Antonio & The San Antonio Music Teachers Association

Deadline: January 5th, 2019

Entry Fee: $30 per student

Registration is now closed

JKH 2019 New Repertoire List – Click here for video links for the new repertoire

JKH 2019 Flyer – Click here for downloadable PDF


Any piano student from grades four through twelve who is a Texas resident or studies with a Texas-resident teacher. Teachers are not required to be a member of a music teachers’ organization to enter students.

Grade 4:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, No. 2 “Capriccio” and No. 8 “Fanfare” from Little Piano Book, Op. 60 (Presser)
  2. Henry Cowell, The Irishman Dances (Carl Fischer)
  3. Seymour Bernstein, No. 5 “The Roadrunner” & No. 8 “The Guinea Pig” from Birds 2 (Manduca)*
Grade 5:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, Sonatina No. 4, Op. 63, III. Moderato (Presser)
  2. Seymour Bernstein, “Farewell Waltz” from Moodscapes (Manduca)*
  3. Lowell Liebermann, “Funeral for a Pet Rat” from Album for the Young (Presser)
Grade 6:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, II. Strum and III. Pluck from Serenade No. 2 (Presser)
  2. Octavio Pinto, “Ring Around the Rosy” from Scenas Infantis (Schirmer)
  3. Emma Lou Diemer, “Monkey Dance” from Joy of Modern Recital Repertory (Yorktown)
Grade 7:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, Sonatina No. 3, II. Brightly (Presser)
  2. Norman Dello Joio, No. 6 “Russian Dancer” from Lyric Pieces for the Young (Marks)
  3. Serge Prokofiev, “March of the Grasshoppers” from Music for Children (Schirmer)
Grade 8:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, Sonatina No. 1, Op. 38, III. Briskly (Presser)
  2. Dmitri Shostakovich, Op. 5, No. 1 from Three Fantastic Dances (Schirmer)
  3. Bohuslav Martinu, “The Chicken” from Fables (Bajky) (Boosey)
Grade 9:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, #10 “Dust in the sunlight, and memory in corners” from Poems for Piano, Vol. 2, Op. 5 (Presser)
  2. Francis Poulenc, No. 12 “Hommage á Schubert” from 15 Improvisations (Salabert)
  3. Robert Muczynski, “Morning Promenade” & “Birds” from Summer Journal (Schirmer)
Grade 10:
  1. Vincent Persichetti, #2 “Soft is the collied night” and #1“Unroll the flicker’s rousing drum” from Poems for Piano, Vol. 1, Op. 4
  2. Bela Bartok, No. 3 “Topogó (In One Spot)” & No. 6 “Maruntel (Quick Dance)” from Romanian Folk Dances, Sz 56 (Alfred)
  3. William Bolcom, No. 6 “Preparing for a Long Flight” & No. 5 “Quasi all Marcia” from Bird Spirits (Marks)
Grade 11 & 12 (beginning in the 2019 competition, these two levels will be combined into one division):
  1. Vincent Persichetti, Toccatina, Op. 142, No. 2, Grazioso (Presser)
  2. Paul Hindemith, No. 5 “Dolce” from Dance Pieces, op. 19 (Schott)
  3. Vincent Persichetti, #13 “Listen, can you hear the antic melody of fear”, from Poems for Piano, Vol. 3, Op. 14 (Presser)
  4. Samuel Barber, No. 1 “Un poco allegro (in a boogie-woogie style)” from Four Excursions, Op. 20 (Schirmer)
  5. Cyril Scott, “Dance of the Elephants” from Impressions from “The Jungle Book” (Music Masters)