TMTA State Convention and Local Ensemble Teams

Each year, over 1500 Texas music students in well over 100 ensembles perform at the TMTA State Convention in June, easily making the ensemble program the largest, most popular Student Affiliate convention event. Ensembles are often composed of duet teams playing on up to fifteen pianos, although other instruments are sometimes used. Ensembles often appear in costume and must perform by memory.

CHAIR: Sharon Robinson

CO-CHAIR: Heather Stagg

FEE: State Groups: $30


Audition for SAMTA Ensemble:  January 14th, 2017                                  (1:00 pm.-6:00 pm)

State Performance:  June 15-18, Hyatt Regency                                   Dallas, TX

Note:  State teams will perform at the SAMTA Ensemble Concert at UTSA.

State Teams (must meet TMTA theory requirements)




Texas/American Ensemble 1  

 Click here for Audio Sample

“It’s a Grand Ol’ Flag”,

From the collection American Panorama,
by Eugenie Rocherolle


Texas/American Ensemble 2 

Click here for Audio Sample

“Saturday Sleigh Ride”

by Bernadine Johnson