Janice Kay Hodges Contemporary Piano Competition

The Piano Music of Vincent Perischetti

Date: Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Presented by The University of Texas at San Antonio & The San Antonio Music Teachers Association

Deadline: January 5th, 2017

Entry Fee: $30 per student

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Any piano student from grades four through twelve who is a Texas resident or studies with a Texas-resident teacher. Teachers are not required to be a member of a music teachers’ organization to enter students.

Grade 4:

A. Douglas Moore, “Fiddlin’ Joe” from Masters of Our Day, 1 (Carl Fischer)
B. Robert Starer, “Shades of Blue” from Sketches in Color, Set One (Hal Leonard)
C. Vincent Persichetti, No. 2 “Capriccio” and No. 8 “Fanfare” from Little Piano Book, Op. 60 (Presser)

Grade 5:

A. Béla Bartók, “Children’ s Game” from For Children, Vol. 1 (Kalmus)
B. Evelien Vis, “60’s Swing” from Swinging Rhythms No. 1 (ABRSM Grade 5)
C. Vincent Persichetti, Sonatina No. 4, Op. 63, III. Moderato (Presser)

Grade 6:

A. Dmitri Kabalevsky, Sonatina, Op. 27, No. 18 (Alfred – Masterpieces with Flair, Book 2)
B. Claude Debussy, “La Petit Négre” (Alfred)
C. Vincent Persichetti, II. Strum and III. Pluck from Serenade No. 2 (Presser)

Grade 7:

A. Ernest Bloch, “Dream” from Enfantines (Carl Fischer)
B. Brian Bonsor, “Feelin’ Good” from Jazzy Piano 2 (Universal)
C. Vincent Persichetti, Sonatina No. 3, II. Brightly (Presser)

Grade 8:

A. Aaron Copland, “Young Pioneers” (Boosey & Hawkes)
B. Stephen Chatman, “Sneaky” from Amusements 3 (Frederick Harris)
C. Vincent Persichetti, Sonatina No. 1, Op. 38, III. Briskly (Presser)

Grade 9:

A. Edward MacDowell, “Scotch Poem”, Op. 31, No. 2 (Alfred)
B. George Gershwin, Prelude No. 1 (Alfred)
C. Vincent Persichetti, #10 “Dust in the Sunlight, and Memory in Corners” from Poems for Piano, Vol. 2, Op. 5 (Presser)

Grade 10:

A. Dmitri Kabalevsky, Sonatina, Op. 13, No. 1, first movement (Schirmer)
B. Aaron Copland, Three Moods Nos. 2 & 3 (Boosey & Hawkes)
C. Vincent Persichetti, #2 “Soft is the Collied night” and #1“Unroll the flicker’s rousing drum” from Poems for Piano, Vol. 1, Op. 4

Grade 11:

A. Béla Bartók, No. 6 from “Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm” from Mikrokosmos, Vol. VI (Boosey & Hawkes)
B. Leonard Bernstein, Four Anniversaries – No. 2 For Johnny Mehegan & No. 4 For Helen Coates (Boosey)
C. Vincent Persichetti, Toccatina, Op. 142, No. 2, Grazioso (Presser)

Grade 12:

A. Aaron Copland, “Cat and the Mouse” (Alfred)
B. William Bolcom, “Old Adam Rag” from The Garden of Eden (Marks/Hal Leonard)
C. Vincent Persichetti, #13 “Listen, Can You Hear the Antic Melody of Fear”, from Poems for Piano, Vol. 3, Op. 14 (Presser)